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MapleXO is the original creator of recycled skateboard jewelry and accessories. Started by Lindsay Holmes in 2006, this Portland based company has not only made hundreds of different products from recycled skateboards, they have pioneered a movement to save skateboards from landfills worldwide.

Lindsay started cutting up skateboards as a way to give her own boards new life after she skated them. She quickly saw the potential to grow this hobby into a business where she could give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint.

As of today, MapleXO has saved thousands of skateboards from landfills, and has also put a huge dent in the industrial waste of skateboard manufacturing by teaming up with one of the largest skateboard factories to recycle its scraps on a much larger scale.

"Skateboarding helps you look at the world differently. Suddenly, parking curbs and empty pools are treasures, and a piece of plywood on wheels is your diary. We put in some major blood, sweat, and tears into our work, but at the end of the day, we owe the credit back to skateboarding for the way it has opened our eyes to potential in what others consider garbage" - Lindsay Jo Holmes, Owner.