Katie Guinn
Rm. 206


The vivid beauty of her home in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the feeling and vision a textile ensues when discovered; visually and tactfully. Art, nature, history, music and the perfectly beautiful shape of every woman. These are the things that inspire Katie's design work.

She specializes in bespoke garments as well as a ready to wear collection. The line consists of contemporary pieces with eclectic edge, never lacking the utilization of femininity, artfully minded composition and comfort. Dominated by natural fibers, combined with eccentric man-made materials lends to the desired fit and drape of the clothing. Having wearers feel unique, beautiful and comfortable in a garment is a passion. With the belief that we as wearers of clothing compose our dressing style as an extension of who we are as individuals is an ever fascinating subject to explore. Being a part of that ritual is an extremely rewarding experience. She is always focusing on her artwork; both personally and exploring new ways to incorporate it in to the goods she creates.

Katie is an artist, designer, North Portland Native, Columbia Gorge wanderer, dedicated wife and serious Mother.