Rm. 200


Life is too short to play by the rules. At GoodSport™, this is what moves us. As a creative enterprise, we aim to create an alternative physical and psychological reality that complicates contemporary expressions of masculinity through the production of art objects and luxury goods. We are inspired by a triple threat of aesthetics, (homo)eroticism, and athletics.

The GoodSport™ debut collection is constructed under environmental and social considerations similar to those imposed on the athletic, queer, male body which created them. They aim to perform within the confines of multiple realities of masculinity simultaneously. In doing so, these objects queer, obfuscate, redefine and obstruct a linear legibility of gender and aesthetics. The objects reside at the intersection of their functional use, excellent performativity, and aesthetic worth. But, to what arena do they actually belong?

Nicolo Gentile is an artist living and working out of Portland. He has been the Artistic Director of GoodSport™ since May 2014. This presentation was made in collaboration with furniture designer Joshua Pew