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Portland, Oregon – BLK RBN (Pronounced Black Ribbon) has unveiled its essentials collection, offering luxury athletic wear for men. The brand features hybrid clothing that suits a man in and outside of sport. The garments are USA made, comprised of high-performance material, tailored for sport and leisure.

The collection embodies the essentials for a male athlete. The tops and trousers embody breathable, resilient fabric in a light summer weight. The all black collection features bronze zippers and trims to embody a luxurious tone. Your luxury should never come without performance, and your performance should never come without style.

About the Founder

BLK RBN cemented its purpose during our founders running career in the NCAA. David Perry, a Division 1 runner for University of Portland, recognized the heights which could be reached by identifying with running as a lifestyle.

“I wanted clothing that could be worn in any environment. Whether I was out for a run, or in a leisure setting with my teammates. No hybrid brand went to the depths of where I believe BLK RBN stands.”