Service X Joanne Petit-Frere
Rm. 201


Combining elements of sculpture and fashion design, New York-native artist Joanne Petit-Frere developed her hair sculpture series, Redressing the Crown, with a futuristic vision of womanhood in mind. Woven, and sometimes mask-like, she fuses architectural dimensions with soft, gravity defying shapes & then takes it all to the head. Literally. Hers. Through fantastical dreamscape, JoGoesWest aims to investigate the socio-economic-political atmosphere in Haiti, where her parents grew up. Throughout her life in America, the tone of discussion around Haiti has been largely taboo. Learning more about her roots, she illustrates these inquiries & challenges her economic identity. This is done thru braided forms of spiritual & folkloric imaginations that occupy reflections of her rich history. Joanne uses these - fascinations & realities - to provide futuristic & utility structures. Worn to adorn & re-dress notions of 'broke-ness' with architectural braiding, and to remind the viewer that transformation is but an act. Direction, is but a choice.