Martin Greenfield -- founder of the esteemed artisanal tailoring house, the last of its kind in Brooklyn -- hosts a bespoke garment fitting in The Boardroom for Fashion Week. 

The master tailors at Martin Greenfield keep the vanishing art of hand-tailored attire alive, meticulously measuring, cutting and stitching each suit, tuxedo, sport jacket or overcoat by hand in their nearly century-old East Williamsburg shop. Extensive fabric books and linings are available to choose from. Bespoke garments include exclusive Ace Hotel New York x Martin Greenfield fasteners. Whiskey, beer, coffee and comestibles by The Breslin, Heineken and Stumptown.

Fittings held February 10-12, 2012 from 10am to 6pm, by appointment only. RSVP required -- you can reserve online here. Add this to your calendar on Facebook. 

Why a fitting at Ace Hotel?

We are inspired to offer our guests and friends to experience a fitting with this classic menswear icon in the convivial atmosphere of The Boardroom at Ace New York. It's a tailor fitting, but it's also an experience that embodies our passion for dressing well, and for meticulous attention to detail — just one of many traits that comprise Mr. Greenfield's legend.

What is customizable about my garment(s)?

Tailors will be equipped with extensive fabric books and a wide range of linings and finishings to choose from.

When should I arrive?

Ten to fifteen minutes prior to your appointment. There will be three or four Greenfield tailors working at each appointment, so you'll be seen as soon as possible after you arrive.

How many Jacksons?

Full suits are $2499-2899, sport coats $1699-2199, slacks $499-899, shirts $225-595, shoes $1250-3500, and ties $125-250.

When will my custom order arrive?

In approximately eight weeks.

How should I proceed if the garment needs further alteration after delivery?

Greenfield Clothiers offers free alterations for two years after delivery, provided you don't go on an all Dunkin Donuts diet. Please contact Greenfield at 718.497.5480 or here to schedule an alteration visit.

What should I bring to the fitting?

A dress shirt and dress shoes are preferred — you can bring or wear them.

How and when do I pay?

Greenfield will accept a credit card or check and provide a handwritten invoice at the fitting. You'll also receive a confirmation invoice by email after your appointment.

How long will the appointment last?

About an hour.

What happens after I leave my first fitting?

The invoice provided at your fitting will include an estimated date for your second fitting. As Greenfield gets closer to completing your garments, they'll be in touch to confirm a date and time to visit your home or office. Once your garments are complete, they'll contact you again to set up your delivery and final fitting.

Are there any additional steps after the fitting, other than payment and delivery?

Schedule a date because you're going to look hot.


Please select a date and time you would like to attend.

Fri Feb 10
Sat Feb 11
Sun Feb 12

If you have further inquiries, please contact Greg Bresnitz at