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Vanport Outfitters was founded in Portland, Oregon with the goal of producing durable, handmade luggage and accessories using traditional craftsmanship and materials. Owner and Creative Director Nicholas Everett was born in Portland, where he grew up working at the family business crafting custom canvas products for sailboats and yachts. His 17 years in that field demanded a significant amount of design work with heavy canvas and the requisite fasteners and marine hardware. The first bags Vanport Outfitters produced were ones Nicholas had made for himself, to fit his lifestyle and needs. His experience with the construction techniques and materials traditionally found on sailboats has noticeably influenced his process and aesthetic. All Vanport Outfitters goods are made in Portland from hand-cut fabric and leather, sewn with mid-century industrial machines, and all rivets and grommets are punched, set, and peened by hand. Our skilled makers carefully construct each bag in small batches to assure an exceptional attention to detail. These centuries-old methods — combined with premium materials and modern functionality — yield products that reflect the dedication and artistry of those who craft them.