Rm. 218

playful spirits, natural classics.

olderbrother creates contemporary, eco-conscious garments inspired by play, nature and the future.

Fashioned from a playful perspective, we find inspiration & humour in unusual places, leaving no rock unturned. olderbrother blends boundaries of gender, spirit & design. We are the “middle-ground” or interface for men/women, play/sophistication and contemporary/nature-based design.

We employ a hybrid of artisan-care, environment-sensitivity and local machine-power. By incorporating eco-friendly textiles, natural dyeing and American manufacturing, each olderbrother garment is subtly unique. At the end of the garments’ lifetime, it can be buried in your backyard.

Creating a low-impact garment is no easy feat. Consumers and the fashion industry are geared towards "fast fashion" that negatively impacts the environment and lives. We've embraced the challenges of creating low-impact garments as we eagerly explore the frontier of sustainability.

We are at the forefront of the slow fashion revolution. Analogous to the recently shifted food paradigm, we insist on the most premium and transparent methods of garment creation.

You are thoughtful about what you put in your body, now it's time to think about what you put on your body.